What are Convection and Radiative Heaters?

Electric Heaters enable us to stay warm in the cold temperatures. They are very helpful usually during winter seasons. Moreover, they are efficient and energy saving devices, which do not emit any kind of pollutants in to the environment. Based on their working principle, they are divided in to two kinds of heaters. Let us know few details about these heaters.

ID FanConvection Heaters:
Electric Heaters work using electricity as a source of power. They distribute and provide heat electrically with the help of a heating element, which is usually called as a resistor. The resistor heats up the elements and resists the flow of electricity when the heater is turned on. The produced heat from the element is blow out in to the room with the help of fans.

Radiative Heaters:
The heating elements used in radiative heaters are at much higher temperatures than convection heaters. In order to not to allow the heat to escape, the elements in radiative heaters are closed in quartz crystal or some other protective covering. When the elements are extremely at high temperature they emit waves of infrared radiation. These waves do not warm the air, but when an object is encountered it warms that object. Like sun, radiative heaters can directly heat the objects present at a particular place.

The above said two kinds of heaters have various applications. One can the choose any one of them based on their heating needs.

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