Diseases that can make you disabled

Many people think that disability is associated with physical injuries and accidents. If it is the case then we must say that they don’t have proper disability awareness.  It is true that disability is caused due to accidents and injuries, but it is also a fact that there are also diseases that can make people disabled. These diseases include chronic diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, genetic diseases, and even psychological disorders.

Cancer, heart diseases, and diabetes are major and common diseases that lead to limitations in daily routine of people. Most of these limitations come under category of disability.

Neuro degenerative diseases are two types; one is physical related problems like ataxia; and the other type causes mental related problems like affecting memory. There will be no coordination between brain and the spinal cord in case of neurodegenerative diseases.  Chronic diseases like osteoarthritis, diabetes, chronic hepatitis, heart failure, osteoporosis, are said to have capability to make a person disabled.

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