Clothing Used For Tables In Hotels

In a hotel to provide clean environment for the guests while having meetings, the tables in the hotel are covered with many types of cloths and the cloths used for decorating the tables are given below:

Restaurant Table Cloth:
These cloths are used for protecting the table from the scratches or stains. Ornamental table cloths can be made from different materials like cotton, poly cotton blend and PVC coated material. In restaurants table cloths are spread on a dining table before laying out tableware and food.

Conference Table Skirts:
Table skirts are used as decorative covering for a side table, end table, or other accent table and a table skirt drapes to the floor. A table skirt can be made from any fabric or even by attaching strings of beads or garland to an elastic band.

Table Pads:
Table pads protect the tables, buffet server, coffee and end tables, from scratches, heat, stains, spills, burns, dents and water marks. The table pads are also available in variety of colors, textures and designs. They can also be used as decorative items in the restaurants. Some companies are also offering the customized table pads according to the needs of the hotel management.

Place Mat:
Place mat is a protective table pad made up of paper, cloth or plastic. These are generally used in restaurants and hotels. Their functions is to protect dinner table from water marks, food stains or heat damage in the hotels. Higher end place mats made from vinyl or leather are used by the hotels as they provide a writing surface for the meetings.

The clothing used on tables in hotels not only create a good impression on the hotel, but also act as a safety measure for the tables.

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