Materials Used in Towels and the Benefits of Towels

Hotels provide soft, durable, luxurious towels for the guests. The customers while choosing a hotel for staying may consider the quality of the towels provided by the hotel management. Some of the materials used to make towels are terry cotton, velour, linen, paper and cotton. Some of the popular patterns of the designer towels are detailed embroidery, sculptured diamond monogrammed, hand painted. Ottomans introduced fancy weaving to the common plain towels. Towels can be of cotton, terrycloth, Linen, Microfiber, paper and rayon, etc.

Benefits Of Towels:

  • The main use of towel is wiping and to dry the body after shower or bath.
  • They provide privacy while changing clothes in public places.
  • They are used to wash the face and body, they are used for scrubbing.
  • They are used to clean and dry the hands after washing.
  • They can also be used as a makeshift turban or sarong.
  • Generally in hotels or resorts towels are printed with the logo of the hotel and this is sued as one of the advertisement strategy.
  • Towels can be used in the hotels for wiping the counters and dishes.
  • Some types of the towel are used to dry crystal, dinnerware and fine bone china, etc. after washing in the kitchens of hotels.
  • Towel clips are used in the hotels to keep towels or linen in place and they prevent clothes from falling.
  • Sports towels are provided for the guests in the hotel who generally do walking or jogging and work outs.

Towel is the basic necessity in any kind of hotel. Hence proper selection and care should be taken in case of towels.

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