Consumer Alert: Beware Of Obama’s Coins

Barack Obama’s presidential inauguration!

People want to commemorate this big occasion with something big. So vendors are ready with their cool souvenirs. Check what items are out there as souvenirs. You have Obama’s hats, Obama’s buttons, Obama’s cufflinks, Obama’s T-Shirts, Obama’s coins…

Wait a second did I say Obama’s coins?

Oh yes! These coins were being produced in Franklin and New England mints, and especially to commemorate the occasion.

These are called as “Barack Obama Presidential $1 Coins,” according to a press release from the US federal mint. This press release was particularly to say that these are NOT official US coins. So they are not meant for paying you super market bill.

I would have probably been gone mad if I did that; because I have to buy a one dollar Obama coin for around $10. So why would I exchange a $10 dollar worth coin for a mere $1?

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