What Is A Barcode Printer?

Barcode printers have become very important ever since bar codes came into existence. They are utilized in grocery stores, hospitals, farms, and departmental stores.

Barcode printers develops bar codes in printed form by using a symbology which is a language in bar code technology which favors the printer to understand the information that must be converted into a label. Symbologies are mostly machine readable bars and lines which stores information. There are printers, which can print complex bar code symbologies.

These printers will have features like copying and scanning facilities, color printing, data storage using integral memory, cutters and application software. They may also consist of a digital interface, which is necessary to get connected to integral part of PCs and front office equipment.

Flexographic printers are generally used to print on plastic, cardboard and paper. Pad printers are used to print small bar code images on molded and plastic surfaces. Plotters utilize a pen to create line art on paper and other media. There are special printers, which are used for printing bar codes on fan fold, single sheet or corrugated paper. Some printers are particularly designed to print on glass, metals, wood, fabrics, and electronics and semi conductors. Barcode printers, which can generate industrial field bus protocol complying that signals are also available.

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