Different Types of Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars are eco-friendly cars. Hybrid car will get power with two sources. In addition, it contains electric engine and gas engine. Hybrid cars reduce the pollution by low emission as gas engine work less in hybrid cars.

The different types of hybrid cars are:
1. Series hybrid car: This type of hybrid car contains both gasoline engine and electric engine. The car will be started and stopped by gasoline engine. Once car get started to certain speed, the electric engine automatically switches on.

2. Parallel hybrid car: The parallel hybrid cars also contain both gasoline engine and electric motor. But the function is different from the series hybrid car. The car will be getting started and stopped by both the engines. These types of hybrid cars are more useful for long distance traveling.

3. Full hybrid cars: The full hybrid type of cars also contains electric engine and gasoline engine. However, the primary source of power is the gasoline engine.

The most of the hybrid cars are parallel hybrid cars. The hybrid cars are made with very lightweight material that is why it requires less energy to move. And it saves the fuel and reduces the fuel emissions. The tires of hybrid cars are more rigid. The high-pressured tires increase the fuel efficiency.

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